Finding Peace and Contentment

Mary Oliver’s words “ something has pestered me all day and I thought my heart will break”… Is a well-known situation were we find ourselves at loss with the world, trying to find the way back to our center amidst heavy, turbulent waters. Oliver suggests being embraced and embracing nature to find healing place. Her words, sacred by her potency can sooth a broken heart. Sutra 2.32 teaches us that the five personal principles of positive action can also soothe one’s heart.  Purity, contentment, a disciplined life, study of sacred texts and worship of god is what we called the yoga of action. As I feel my moods shifting, today, contentment seems pretty elusive! So what is this quality of life that yoga sutras nudges us to adopt? First, the text says is a positive attitude and it is not passive satisfaction! It is and active act of faith that we can aim at balancing the psyche, and find contentment.   I am not getting very far, I think okay so my practice, my postures and breath practice, my ethical living all these aspects will with time bring me contentment. Is it is? These are almost the same principles that were given in sutra 2.1; the only difference is that here to achieve them, we need purity and contentment? What is so potent in contentment as a road to our psyche to our heart? Yogis have been telling us that if we work hard with steadiness, we study ourselves and we let go of our selfish motives, we will find contentment. So what about living in the moment, how do we balance each one of these moments to achieve contentment? Yesterday as I was looking at myself in the mirror, I saw my imperfections and my aging body, and suddenly as I was contemplating this with a critical eye, a voice came in and saw the fact that my arms are strong, my legs are working, my heart is pumping, my smile is catching and I saw how much more there is to my embodiment than the real imperfection of age. So that is the voice of contentment that we need to practice, I am content with what is, as I am choosing to skillfully bring myself to balance. Contentment in the yogic sense is not accepting calamities, and pains without looking for remedy, but it developing a mind that chooses gratitude for the process that I am taking. Just being aware that I have many choices but that I am choosing to hear the voice of gratitude, is what brings contentment. I am doing the best I can and  I am accepting what is at this moment while also striving to make the next moment the best it can be. This awareness is what brings us contentment!